A History of the Thomas, Goldsmith, Button and Barrow Families

Dick and Briony welcome you to our family history website.

Our aim is to share with those interested, the information we have collected over the years on many of our family branches. We hope you find something of interest - if so please let us know - after all we might be related. To contact us please emailĀ  here

To help make the website easier to navigate we have divided it into four sections; each dealing with one of our main family branches. Thomas and Goldsmith being Dick's family branches; Button and Barrow being Briony's family branches. The "home" page for each branch can be found using the menu at the top of each page. The Family Finder tool lists all the surnames on our family tree together with the branch with which they are associated.

Family Finder

In each branch "home" page there is a PDF file giving a broad history of the family including a number of branches - this has been created using Ancestral Author and in addition there are Individual pages created from GedMill. For privacy reasons the dates of those individuals still alive have been deleted and only a limited number of those are shown at all. If you have connections with any individuals or families shown in the various pages on this website we would love to hear from you and, if we have it, give you more information.