The Casebourne Family

A chance entry in Thomas Townshend Thomas' diary for 1st April, 1835 where it says My Aunt Casebourne died aged 63 suggested that either his mother or father had had a sister who had married a Mr. Casebourne. When investigating TTT's brother John who was a civil engineer I had reason to do some research at the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) when I came across references to Thomas Casebourne, his uncle Thomas Townshend and his cousin John Thomas.

Although the research indicated that Thomas Casebourne had been born in Hemel Hempstead in 1797 there was no sign of his parents. However Pallot's indicated that an Adam Casebourne had married Sarah Townsend at Holborn St Andrew's on 24th February 1797.

Aunt Casebourne had been found

As also indicated on the Townshend pages we still have no idea who were the parents of Elizabeth, Thomas, Richard and Sarah but there is a very significant amount of corroborating evidence to indicate that they were four siblings.

The Casebournes have been involved with civil engineering for about 200 years. Thomas himself was according to his obituary published in the proceedings of the ICEĀ  "a favourite pupil of Mr. Telford". He spent about 12 years working on the Ulster Canal in Ireland and then became the Resident Engineer in Hartlepool where the family became well established in succeeding years.

Casebournes have been active in civil engineering ever since.

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