The Holdsworth Family

Zachariah Holdsworth was born in 1665 and we think he came from Illingworth or Ovenden. Later in life he was a Clothier living at Bradshaw in Ovenden. Descendants of Zacariah founded the company of John Holdsworth & Co. Ltd., a company which survived into the 21st century but now sadly the business has been sold.

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John Holdsworth the grandson of Zacariah married Catherine Holt on 7th April 1760. Two of their children Mary and Samuel were to marry their cousins John and Hannah Holt respectively, the children of James and Mary Holt.

The marriage of John and Mary Holt gave rise to numerous inter-marriages in later generations explained further here.

The marriage of Samuel and Hannah Holdsworth also gave rise to intermarriage when their grandaughter Frances Mary Thwaite married a nephew of John and Mary Holt, namely James Bairstow.