The Holt Family

The Holt Family were prominent farmers and colliery owners in Northowram during the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Family can be traced back to James who was born around 1732. We know from various wills that he had a brother John and a sister Mary and we are reasonably certain that their parents were Adam Holt and Sarah Clayton. Catherine Holt who married John Holdsworth (b. 1731) was also a daughter of Adam and Sarah.

James died intestate in 1779 - Admon granted to Mary his widow on 21st January, 1780

The wills of two of James' sons are also available. James b. approx 1763 and John born approx. 1757

John Holt (b.1757) and his wife Mary Holdsworth (b.1763) had at least 11 children. Of these eight had children who embarked on a grand spree of inter-marriage with other families such as the Haighs, the Ingles, the Hebblethwaites, the Whiteleys and the Bairstows. This complex web is shown in the diagram attached here - the coloured family connection arrows showing the links. The link opens a new window - close it to return here