The Spratt Family

History of the Spratt Family

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When Elizabeth Spratt married Richard Little in 1856 she was described as Elizabeth Blake (widow) - we knew however that her maiden name was Spratt because of her father's name on the marriage certificate. Further research found an earlier marriage to George Blake in Chatham in 1849. George Blake, who had been in the Royal Marines was invalided out in September 1850 and died we think about 18 months later. Prior to being invalided out George was in Haslar Hospital and it may well have been because of her proximity to Portsmouth and Richard Little being a fellow Royal Marine that Richard and Elizabeth knew each other and eventually got married.

For many years we had no idea that Elizabeth had been born in Norfolk until we found her entry on the 1871 census (RG10/1132/88) where she is said to be born in Burgh Norfolk.

An excellent website on Norfolk mills ( provided a key as there John Spratt is shown as one of the men employed at the mill. The 1851 census for Burgh shows at HO/107/1810/625/13 John and Elizabeth Spratt with son Henry living at Burgh Aylsham. John Spratt is said by the 1851 census to have been born at Mulbarton and in the 1851 census there is some evidence of other Spratt branches in Mulbarton.

Further research in the Norfolk CRO has identified that John Spratt and Elizabeth Moore were married at Tasburgh in 1811 and had a number of children in Tasburgh, Burgh and Hapton. If John was born at Mulbarton as he claims on the 1851 census then it is likely that his parents were James and Elizabeth who baptised a son John in 1788. However there are many Spratts around at the time and it is not entirely certain that this is correct.