The Thomas Family

The background image shows Woolshops in Halifax from where Thomas Townshend Thomas operated his business

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The earliest records I have for the Thomas family are the marriage of William Thomas and Elizabeth Townshend (my 3 x great grandparents) in 1786. They lived in Halifax where William was a joiner. Who was William ?

William and Elizabeth had at least 11 children most of whom have been traced at least as far as knowing spouses and children.

Thomas Townsend Thomas (TTT), their fourth child, was my 2 x great grandfather. He was a woolstapler and plied his trade mainly from premises he rented in Woolshops in Halifax. TTT kept diaries mainly relating to his business activities but also providing some insight into family life. The diaries still exist for the years 1835 - 1842.

Some extracts from the diaries

- 1st April, 1835 - entry relating to the death of his Aunt Casebourne
- 27th April, 1838 - learns of death of his brother Richard
- September, 1838 - Settling the Holt-Thomas bankruptcy

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John Holt Thomas (my grandfather) moved from Halifax around 1900, first to Birmingham and latterly to Ipswich.